Can Do Process Solutions, Inc. (Can·Do) helps organizations and enterprises improve their processes and optimize their resources by employing innovative solutions and cutting-edge technologies, to significantly reduce cost of doing things, with a much faster turn-around, while keeping their information intact and secure.

With more than twenty (25) years of combined experience in enterprise content management, project management, business process outsourcing, business and systems analysis, we have built a reputation of trust and reliability with our customers in delivering what we promise.

Our strength lies in our deep industry knowledge and consulting expertise, strong business acumen and technology insight, and our track record for successfully implementing, innovative and cost-effective quality solutions, be it a simple standalone software installation or enterprise-wide workflow automation or a completely outsourced process.

Plus, our local customer support, which offers on-site, online, and phone support, will respond to every inquiry and concerns. We make sure our clients get the best value solution every time.



We believe that technology is a game changer and implementing the right technology can radically transform any organization and open new doors for stronger customer engagement, faster turn-around time, and higher bottom lines. And it is very clear how these new technologies are disrupting the old ways. Companies who fail to recognize this may eventually find it more costly to keep the way things are.

We at Can·Do understand the challenges companies face to remain significant and relevant, of which technology plays a crucial role. Finding the right solution from a myriad of disruptive technologies – from simple process automation software to complex data analytics reporting to Internet of Things – can be daunting at best. That is why at the heart of our products and services is our mission to first clearly understand our customers’ objectives; then walk them through the process of identifying the best fit solution; and finally, to assist them in realizing the expected benefits from the implementation.

Core Values


Our reason for existence lies in our genuine desire to help companies make the right choice (and avoid the expensive cost of a wrong decision) by putting ourselves in their shoes and embracing their goals as our own. Once we have clearly understood our customer’s objectives, we then set out to look for solution options that will give them the most value without sacrificing quality and information security.

To achieve this, we provide clients with industry and solution briefs, product demos and proof of concepts, and where applicable, investment strategy and cost savings plan, to ensure their choice will deliver for them real, achievable benefits.

Equally important is our commitment to our employees to develop their full potential and improve their quality of life. We believe that happy, satisfied employees produce better results.

We also commit to a fair and reciprocal relationship with our vendors, business and channel partners, distributors and resellers, treating them as our extended family, to ensure we all share the same excitement and passion to serve our customers.



We have been awarded as partner-reseller of SimpleIndex, PaperVision Enterprise (PVE) and Kodak imaging solutions with full authority to sell and implement their products in the Philippines. Since then, we have implemented multiple license installations and have provided document scanning outsourcing services to leading companies across diverse industries. Among them are:

  • A leading logistics and supply chain company with extensive logistics infrastructure in the Philippines and in the Asia Pacific Region;
  • A full service law firm with vast expertise in the fields of corporate litigation, administrative, international and civil law;
  • An ISO 9002 certified Maritime Services Agency that provides jobs to 3000++ Filipino seafarers operating for more than 20 years in the Philippines
  • An ISO certified organization that operates the country’s oil pipeline
  • The biggest port terminal operator in the Philippines
  • A well known Catholic school in Quezon City