Client: City of Baton Rouge – East Baton Rouge Parish Government and the Baton Rouge Police Department
Digitech Systems Reseller: C.F. Biggs Company, Inc., Shreveport and Baton Rouge, LA
Solution: PaperFlow™ and PaperVision Enterprise®

With a population over 400,000 people, the city of Baton Rouge is the thriving state capital of Louisiana. Officially, referred to as the City of Baton Rouge – East Baton Rouge Parish Government, the City Parish Government includes more than fifty different departments, sixteen of which are now using PaperVision Enterprise (PVE) to store and manage their electronic records and PaperFlow™ to scan paper documents into an electronic format.

Although they had previously been using electronic document and content management (EDM), neither of their previous systems had delivered on the promise of improved business efficiency. With the Digitech Systems solution in place, they have not only streamlined their data management processes, but the system is improving revenues and generating significant cost savings as well.

The Situation

The first settlement in the Baton Rouge area was a French fort constructed in 1718. From those quiet beginnings, the city has become a center of commerce and culture in the South. As the City has grown, the City Parish Government has expanded to meet its needs and now includes more than fifty different departments. Coordinating the efforts of these disparate departments, which are spread over the geography of the City, is a complicated task. Unfortunately, the City Parish Government’s paper records system added to their problems.

In 1996, the Baton Rouge Police Department turned to electronic document management and started scanning documents, but they encountered challenges with two different EDM systems. Both software systems were extremely complex to install and use and were built using proprietary technologies that made it difficult to share and distribute information outside the system itself. In addition, neither company provided adequate support leaving the Government without critical assistance when needed. Finally, neither of these systems was designed to seamlessly grow with the City as its population continued to increase.

When the City Parish Government decided to look for a new EDM system for the Baton Rouge Police in 2002, they were looking for a fully scalable solution that would grow with the population and could be expanded to every department. They were focused on finding a system that offered reliable telephone customer service and local vendor support. Finally, they wanted to simplify the search and retrieval capabilities to realize the organizational efficiencies they knew document management could provide.

The Solution

In December 2002, C.F. Biggs, a Digitech Systems reseller, installed PaperFlow Lite and PaperVision Enterprise for the Baton Rouge City Police, who now scan 300,000 documents annually. Since that time, the solution has been implemented in a wide variety of City Parish departments including Human Resources, Community Development, the Fire Department, the Department of Public Works, and even Homeland Security/Emergency Preparedness. The system is also being used to assist the Corrections department, Emergency Medical Response, and the coroner’s office with HIPAA compliance for medical records. The scanned documents include city records, personnel files, medical records, and criminal and traffic records among others. PaperVision Enterprise makes documents available over the City Parish Government’s network, providing secure access to all City Parish employees, many of whom access the system on a daily basis as part of their routine duties.

Recognized Benefits

The Digitech Systems solution has delivered the primary goals that Baton Rouge had set. PaperVision Enterprise allows the Government to seamlessly add licenses as needed to keep up with a growing City and to expand to additional departments. It is also flexible enough to handle the widely varying needs of departments with unique documents and processes.

The City Parish Government’s previous document management systems could take up to twenty minutes when retrieving a document. With PaperVision Enterprise, any document can be accessed within seconds. The sophisticated, yet simple-to-use indexing capabilities make it easier to actually locate the document in the system.

The PaperVision Enterprise system has significantly improved employee morale, because it is so easy to use. Even a system user with little computer experience can be trained quickly and easily. PVE gets them up and running in just a few hours. Managers are happier with the new systems’ auditing capabilities that allow them to monitor the activities and productivity of individual employees.

“All technical problems disappeared!” say the Records Administrators for the Baton Rouge City Police. When they do need help, the City Parish now enjoys immediate access to technical support via the phone and the internet. Plus they have the added benefit of local support from C. F. Biggs. The Records Administrators continue, “The Digitech Systems software is a down to earth solution. It has a homey feel to it, which makes it comfortable to learn and use. It does what you want it to do, when you want it to do it.”

Best of all, Baton Rouge City Police has recognized significant cost savings following the installation of the PaperFlow and PaperVision Enterprise systems. Employee productivity and efficiency have increased. Plus, the new system has streamlined the ability to securely store and retrieve reports, making them accessible to the public. The system put a stop to the hemorrhage of lost revenue from inaccessible reports estimated at a cost savings of $25,000 annually.

Gwen Berthelot the Regional Sales Manager for C.F. Biggs Company comments, “The Digitech personnel are people-oriented and truly care about the reseller and the customer. Everyone at the company goes above and beyond what is expected to assist us as resellers and to help us take good care of our customers. The Digitech product line enhances our offering by providing great software with excellent technical support at a reasonable price point.”

About C.F. Biggs Company, Inc.

Founded in 1950, the C. F. Biggs Company believes in providing the best products and the best service available. Their mission is to deliver the highest quality total document solutions supported by legendary customer service, while providing a secure and prosperous work environment. They are proud to offer a complete line of office products including digital imaging equipment from Canon, Riso, Lanier and Toshiba in addition to the Digitech Systems electronic document and content management software suite. Their efficiency and quick response times while serving customers throughout Louisiana, Texas and Arkansas has earned them the National Service Excellence Award. A Digitech Systems reseller since 1999, C.F. Biggs has consistently been one of Digitech’s top performers earning recognition in the Circle of Excellence and as the Top Reseller in 2004 and 2005.

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