Client: Avon Maitland School District
Digitech Systems Reseller: Polar Imaging, Ontario, Canada
Solution PaperVision® Enterprise

Sorting through fifty-five years worth of records stored on a combination of microfilm and paper is a time-consuming and often frustrating task! Yet, this is the assignment that faced the Avon Maitland District School Board in Ontario, Canada.

With the installation of PaperVision® Enterprise in August 2004, the School Board now has these student records at their fingertips. Where records retrieval used to take days, it now takes seconds.

Although they had previously been using electronic document and content management (EDM), neither of their previous systems had delivered on the promise of improved business efficiency. With the Digitech Systems solution in place, they have not only streamlined their data management processes, but the system is improving revenues and generating significant cost savings as well.

The Situation

The Avon Maitland District School Board operates fifty-four schools spread over 6,000 square kilometers! Ten of the schools in the District are secondary schools, which require extensive record-keeping. To be in compliance with Ontario laws, each student’s record must be kept for fifty-five years in order to meet requests for copies of their Ontario School Records (OSR) by colleges, universities and employers.

Over time, the existing records had been kept in a variety of formats including paper or hardcopy files and microfilm. When the Records Department received a request, they often did not know where to look for the file or even what format it would be in!

The Solution

Polar Imaging, a London, Ontario based Digitech Systems’ reseller, has been working with the Avon Maitland District School Board to define their document management needs. They installed PaperVision Enterprise during August 2004. The main system is housed in the Records Department where all OSRs are now kept in a single system, and the various schools have access to the records through the thin client PaperVision Enterprise application.

The ten secondary schools can now retrieve the OSRs through their web browsers allowing instant retrieval of any student record when a request comes in. In addition, the records can be immediately emailed to the requestor instead of a lengthy copy and mail process. The privacy of school records is preserved through user and document-level security policies that allow users to see only those records for which they have permission.

PaperVision Enterprise has freed the Records Department from the wasted hours spent searching for student records. They are now able to focus on more critical tasks.

Recognized Benefits

The new PaperVision Enterprise system allows the Avon Maitland District School Board to find student records instantly. No more searching through rolls of microfilm, or jumbled paper files. Hundreds of thousands of student records are now available at the touch of a keyboard!

They are also extremely pleased with the ease of use provided by the new system. The District’s Records Management Coordinator says, “I could not imagine a better system. It’s perfect!” The familiarity of the web browser environment, and the simplicity of storing records in a single system have made training new employees in the system a simple task. Initial installation and training took only one day!

In serving customers like the Avon Maitland District School Board, Steve Todd with Polar Imaging has said, “Digitech allows us to offer our customers a complete document management solution that is quick, easy, and affordable.”

About Polar Imaging

Polar Imaging, Inc. is a complete scanning and microfilm service bureau. Polar Imaging, Inc. has become known in the industry as a truly diversified organization that delivers a broad range of document services and equipment. In business for the past 29 years, their team has the passion to provide a complete document solution for any customer. Polar Imaging strives to offer their customers quick and easy document management solutions that will significantly cut costs and improve productivity. Through the use of Digitech software, they strive to decrease a customer’s document retrieval time by 80-90% and leave paper in the past.

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