Western Guaranty Fund Services (WGFS) helps policy holders with insolvent insurance companies by paying claims. They receive about 15,000 new claims documents every month. They have digitized their entire claims process using PaperVision® Capture, PaperVision® Enterprise, and PaperVision® Enterprise WorkFlow.


  • Improved efficiency by more than 500 hours annually, saving $64,000.
  • Tracks 100% of documents with an audit trail showing who, where and why data was accessed.
  • Saves 70% on file storage costs for both onsite and offsite paper records.
  • Implemented the entire system in about 1½ days and saw benefits immediately.

Chad_Anderson_Headshot“Having control of information is vital to our business. We need to protect sensitive records and to be able to find specific information right away to answer customer questions and legal queries. PaperVision Capture gets new documents into the system quickly, PaperVision Enterprise makes them easy to retrieve, and PaperVision Enterprise WorkFlow automates our business processes. It couldn’t be easier!”

– Chad Anderson, Manager of IT and Administration

– See more at: http://www.digitechsystems.com/western-guaranty-fund-services-processes-claim-forms-electronically-with-papervision-enterprise/#sthash.HcBFO6zP.dpuf